Noah’s Homeowner Protection Program

Noah News By Sahil Gupta, Founder - November 5, 2020

Our core mission is to help our customers unlock the value of homeownership. We do that by building a long term relationship with our customers, who we call “homeowner partners” and helping them manage and protect their most important asset – their home.

But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. And that in tough times, we all need a helping hand to get through the challenges life throws at us.  In the ups and downs of homeownership, Noah’s Homeowner Protection Program is our commitment to help you manage through those tough times. 

As a Noah homeowner partner, if you fall into financial difficulty and find yourself unable to keep up with mortgage or property tax payments, or you need cash to make an emergency home repair such as a roof replacement, we are able to provide you with financial assistance to protect your home through our Homeowner Protection Program.

“Perfect timing of your offer to help!” said Arlene, one of Noah’s customers who received a Protective Advance this year.  “World class customer service.  Many thanks for your help in these tough times!”

This year has been an especially important time for homeowners to have someone in their corner.  We’ve been able to help our customers like Arlene pay mortgage payments, property tax bills, and make emergency home renovations and repairs due to a range of emergent circumstances, including home damage, unemployment, small business challenges, and unexpected expenses.

How does the Homeowner Protection Program work?

With Noah’s Homeowner Protection Program program, you can access a Protective Advance of up to $10,000 in additional funds without any ongoing monthly payments. There is an associated rate for Protective Advances, as well as a one-time processing fee.  The Protective Advance amount and associated costs can be paid back in full anytime or simply be added to your original Noah Home Value Investment and repaid at the end of the term.  

If you are planning to use the funding to make default or delinquent payments, such as mortgage or property taxes, payments will be sent directly by Noah to the institution(s) on your behalf. Otherwise, the funds will be wired directly to you within 3 days of final approval.

How do I request a Protective Advance through the Program?

We’ve made it simple for you to request a Protective Advance through your Noah Dashboard.  Log into your account and scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard – in the “Products” section, you’ll find the Homeowner Protection Program.

To submit your request just answer a few quick questions – the reason you’re seeking funds, how you plan to use them, and the total amount you’re seeking – and upload any applicable supporting documents.  We’ve got it from there.  Our Servicing team will review your request and get in touch with you directly for next steps. While we continue to support our homeowner partners across life situations, we do reserve the right to reject a Protective Advance request.

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If you’re a Noah customer, we’d love to answer any questions you might have about the Homeowner Protection Program.  Reach out at anytime, or give our Servicing team a call at 415.578.6515 ext 3.