Home equity sharing is an innovative, debt-free way for homebuyers to access funding in exchange for a portion of their home’s value.

Here’s how it works

We invest in your home

Noah provides up to $500,000 in upfront funding towards your down payment, in exchange for a share in your home's value. The share that Noah requests depends on a variety of factors, including your requested funding amount, the value of your home, and your financial profile.

No monthly payments

There are no monthly payments throughout the entire term: up to 10 years. Unlike a loan, Noah’s offerings are investments, not debt, and do not increase your debt burden.

We share in your home value

At a time of your choosing, anytime up to the 10-year term, you buy out Noah’s investment by refinancing, selling, or using savings. We earn a return on our investment in your home based on the home’s appreciation or depreciation over time.

We’re partners, not owners

Noah offers a partnership-based approach: the value of Noah’s investment depends on the value of your home- whether it has gone up or down. The homeowner retains full ownership of the property. Noah does not co-own the home or have occupancy rights.

Noah’s financing process is as simple and stress-free as possible

Get pre-qualified by Noah for Down Payment Assistance. This means that Noah provides upfront funding in exchange for a share in the home’s appreciation.
Get pre-approved for your mortgage with one of the participating mortgage lenders, including the benefit of Down Payment Assistance.
Make a winning offer on your dream home with 20% down payment.
Once your offer is accepted, Noah provides the down payment funds via escrow, and closes at the same time alongside the mortgage lender.
Enjoy your home with no monthly payments due to Noah. You have up to 10 years to buy out Noah’s investment by refinancing, selling, or paying with savings. The buyout amount is dependent on your home’s value- whether it has gone up or down.
Down Payment Assistance funds when you close on your home.