What is a Home Value Investment?

A Home Value Investment is an innovative, debt-free way for homeowners to access their home equity without ongoing monthly payments or interest. In exchange for an upfront payment- and interest-free financing, home equity sharing companies like Noah share in a portion of the value of the home, from the time of their initial investment until the time that the homeowners choose to sell, refinance their home or buy them out, up to 10 years later.

Sometimes referred to as home equity sharing or home equity investments, a Home Value Investment is a smart alternative to traditional home loans such as HELOCs and home equity loans for homeowners that want to avoid adding monthly payments to their budget.  Homeownership is a smart decision, and you should be able to tap into the wealth you’ve accumulated in your home when you need it.  Using a Home Value Investment allows you to turn your biggest asset, your home, into funds that can help you meet your financial goals.

So how does a Home Value Investment work?

When you choose a Home Value Investment, you agree to share a portion of your home’s value with a company like Noah.  Here’s a closer look:

Access your home equity with Noah

We allow you to access up to $350,000 of your home equity up-front. This money is not limited to a specific purpose – you can use it however you want, from debt consolidation to paying off student loans to investing in your future.

No interest, no monthly fees 

Unlike traditional home loans, a Home Value Investment from Noah allows you to obtain funding without monthly fees or interest.  You’ll have up to 10 years from today to buy out our agreement with savings or proceeds from a refinance or sale.

We share the risk 

The housing market causes rapid shifts in home equity value, and we will stick with you through the ups and downs.  When your home appreciates we share in the gain, and if it depreciates, we also share in the loss.

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Noah's customers:
Noah's customers:
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In order to begin an application, you must first meet Noah’s eligibility criteria and accept our financing estimate.  Our eligibility guidelines may be updated at any time; view them at noah.co/eligibility.